The Edelstam Foundation meets with Dr. Kofi Annan and Dr. Jan Eliasson

The Edelstam Foundation had the pleasure to meet with Dr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, together with Dr. Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General of the UN, during a seminar at Uppsala University when they discussed the role of the United Nations, based on their own experiences and the challenges today.

The seminar was moderated by the Senior Professor, Dr. Peter Wallensteen, from Uppsala University and Dr. Hans Corell, former Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations and board member of the Edelstam Foundation, gave concluding remarks.

The Edelstam Foundation meets with Dr. Kofi Annan


The Edelstam Foundation meets with Mr. Jan Eliasson




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