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    Chair of the Nomination Committee, Mrs. Lise Bergh.

    Nominations for the Edelstam Prize shall preferably be written in English and submitted
    no later than the 30th of June 2024, in writing, by e-mail to:

    or sent by regular mail to our office:
    The Harald Edelstam Foundation
    BOX 24 019
    SE-104 50 STOCKHOLM

    The Edelstam Prize

    The Edelstam Prize is a Sweden-based international monetary award, administrated by the Harald Edelstam Foundation. The Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions and exceptional courage in standing up for one’s beliefs in the Defence of Human Rights.

    The Edelstam Prize is awarded on a biennial basis and the next prize is awarded on the 19th of November, 2024, during a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The nominations for the Edelstam Prize are examined by the Nominating Committee, chaired by Mrs. Lise Bergh. The recommendations of the Nominating Committee are submitted to the Prize Jury. The Prize Jury is chaired by Ms. Caroline Edelstam, President of the Harald Edelstam Foundation.

    Guidelines for Nominations to the Edelstam Prize

    The Laureates of the Edelstam Prize

    The winner of the Edelstam Prize can be a private person or a person who serves in Government, international or national organisations. The winner shall be an individual who has acted in Ambassador Harald Edelstam’s spirit in a country/countries where Human Rights, according to international law, have been violated.

    The laureate must have shown outstanding capabilities in analysing and handling complex situations and in finding ways, even unconventional and creative ones, to defend Human Rights. The candidate has, presumably in a complex situation, been able to take a decisive role in helping threatened people or directly saving human lives. Civic courage is a central parameter in the selection of the successful candidate.

    According to the Harald Edelstam Foundation’s bye-laws, the Edelstam Prize winners shall be individuals or persons who represent a government or national or international organization, that in their actions have met all or many of the following criteria:

    • have acted in Harald Edelstam’s spirit in a country/countries where crimes against human rights have been committed by a government or other strong power * have shown a significant ability to quickly analyze a complex situation and find ways, even in an unconventional and creative way, to in practice defend human rights
    • have in a such difficult or chaotic situation acted in a way that has had decisive importance for many threatened people or directly saved human lives
    • have through their actions demonstrated great civil courage, dared to go against the tide, and shown that even in the darkest of times it is possible to contribute to the defence of human rights
    • have acted with great competence, persistency, and cleverness, and with the bravery of not allowing one selves to be stopped by formal obstacles or threats.


    The laureate can live in any country or region in the world.

    The Prize cannot be awarded posthumously, unless death has occurred after the announcement of the Edelstam Prize.


    Basic information for Nomination

    The following guidelines are for anyone wishing to nominate a candidate for the Edelstam Prize of 2024. To be considered eligible for an award, it is necessary to be nominated in writing. A personal application for an award shall not be considered.

    The information is to be perspicuous, plain, and preferably not exceed five pages. The nomination document should clearly indicate the candidate’s name and if she/he represents an organization, and if the case, clearly indicate the organization’s name.

    Nominations for the Edelstam Prize shall preferably be written in English and submitted no later than the 30th of June 2024, in writing, by e-mail to or sent by regular mail to our office:

    The Harald Edelstam Foundation
    BOX 24 019
    SE-104 50 STOCKHOLM

    It will facilitate the processing of information if it is numbered to correspond with the below questions.

    Anyone, except for members of the Edelstam Prize Jury and staff members, may nominate a person, except themselves, close relatives or their own organisations, through completing the nomination form below. The Harald Edelstam Foundation reserves the right to refuse clearly unsuitable nominations.

    At the sole discretion of the Jury, an unsuccessful candidate may be held over for consideration in the following Call for Nomination.

    Because of our open Nomination Process, the simple fact of a nomination says nothing about a candidate’s suitability for a Prize or his or her likelihood of receiving it. Nominations must therefore not be publicized, in order to avoid confusion with the actual laureates of the Edelstam Prize. Infringement of this rule will make a candidate liable to disqualification.