Every year the Edelstam Foundation organizes seminars and events all over the world, in order to promote civic courage and the importance of defending the human rights.

Through a co-operation with the Newman Institute in Uppsala the Edelstam Foundation can offer the course: “Civic Courage and Global Service.

Civic Courage and Global Service
What is the place of civic courage in the lives of diplomats, aid workers, UN peacekeepers and others engaged in international service? Are these individuals obliged to take great risks in the fulfillment of their duties?  How is one to balance a commitment to aiding distant strangers with a wish to protect one’s own family?  This course explores these and related questions through biographical studies and films about such figures as Raoul Wallenberg and Harald Edelstam; in-class  interviews with diplomats, aid workers and soldiers; and students’ own interview-based research projects.
7,5 högskolepoäng
Stockholm 27/8−15/10
Tisdagar: kl. 18.00−20.30
Kursledare: Brian Palmer och Caroline Edelstam


The Harald Edelstam Chair in Civic Courage
The Foundation currently works to establish an unique university-professorship within civic courage; the Harald Edelstam Chair in Civic Courage. The Committee is chaired by Dr. Hans Ingvar Roth, Professor at the Stockholm University, and other members are Dr. Brian Palmer, former lecturer at Harvard University and today at the University of Uppsala, Ms.Caroline Edelstam, Harald Edelstams granddaughter and Vice-President of the Edelstam Foundation, and Dr. Abelardo Castro Hidalgo, Decanus of the University of Concepcion.

The Harald Edelstam Archive and Education Institute
We offer tailor-made educational programs, workshops and courses to Governments, organization, institutions, senior high schools and universities world-wide. The Harald Edelstam Archive and Education Institute aims to educate people around the world to take responsibility, ethically and morally, and inspire to acts of civic courage.

We work with educating about United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) from 1948 and about practical examples through using historical and contemporary heroes. Human Rights have become morality’s lingua franca. It has become humanity’s common language. Through combining the human rights and exemplifying them with heroes who have played an essential role in relation to each article of the UNDHR, we will make the concept of Democracy and the content of the UNDHR available to people on a common level, through art, literature, and discussion.

Action in the field of hostile environments, however, is a privilege of a few, because exceptional courage is required. In extreme situations of widespread human sufferings and persecution, those who are willing to risk themselves on behalf of others, not only save lives, but most importantly preserve for all of us the essential value of human dignity, indispensable for our lives being worth living.

Ambassador Harald Edelstam is one of these few exceptions. In every situation in which he was confronted, he had the option of using his diplomatic immunity for saving himself, or the choice of acting to protect others in imminent danger. He decided to act, whatever the price. His generosity left us a legacy of coherence and responsibility, a reference for our collective duty to act in protection of defenceless people who are the victims of serious abuses.

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