On the 16th of April the Edelstam Prize 2014 opened its Nomination Process

On the Occasion of the Edelstam Prize Opening its “Call for Nominations“ during a ceremony on the China theater in Stockholm, Board Member, Mr. Stefan Löfven, spoke of the Importance of Civic Courage, Ms. Caroline Edelstam, Chair of the Edelstam Prize Jury, opened the Nomination Process followed by a lecture by the Edelstam Prize Jury Member, Judge Shirin Ebadi, Judge Shirin Ebadi on Civic Courage and Human Rights based on her experiences in her home country, Iran.

Judge Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 2003, represents Asia on the Edelstam Prize Jury.

Until the 31st of October 2013 anyone can nominate a candidate for the The Edelstam Prize for showing outstanding contributions and exceptional courage in standing up for one’s beliefs in the Defence of Human Rights.

Judge Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian lawyer, judge, lecturer, writer and activist. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for her work on women’s and children’s human rights. Dr. Shirin Ebadi was Iran’s first female judge and forced to leave her office at the Iranian revolution in 1979. The regime in Iran stamped Ms. Shirin Ebadi as a threat to the Islamic rule in the country. In November 2009, the Nobel medal and diploma that Dr. Shirin Ebadi was awarded was confiscated by Iranian authorities together with others of her belongings.

The Edelstam Foundation presented parts of the exhibition “Human Rights, Civic Courage, and Heroes” painted by the artist Mr. Carl Adam Cronstedt, which is to be staged on controversial sites around the world.

The Edelstam Foundation works to establish the Anniversary of Ambassador Edelstam’s death, the 16th of April, as the “International Day of Civic Courage,” the very same day the Edelstam Prize is awarded every second year. Edelstam would have celebrated his 100th Birthday in 2013.

Interviews with Dr. Shirin Ebadi:


Mr. Stefan Löfven’s speech:

Interview with Ms. Caroline Edelstam regarding the exhibition “Human Rights, Civic Courage, and Heroes:”